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The top 20 fashion infographics of August 2014:

01. The ultimate Eyeliner fashion vocabulary
02. Guide to Suit & Shoes colour matching
03. The Ultimate Pattern Fashion Vocabulary Part 1
04. How to wear jeans
05. Laundry Stain Cheat Sheet
06. How to wear a Button Up
The Ultimate Pattern Fashion Vocabulary Part 2
08. A Visual Glossary of Wedding Gown Silhouettes
09. Tips for perfect eyebrows
10. A visual glossary of Chain Types
11. Ways to wear your tee
12. How to shape your eyebrows
13. The best way to fold a shirt
14. A visual glossary of Vintage Hats for women
15. 24-piece Year Round Wardrobe
16. Wardrobe Essentials Checklist for Women
17. 5 stripe patterns for dress shirts you should know
18. How to tie the Ediety/Merovingian Tie Knot
19. Find your perfume persona
20. How to artfully stack bangles

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This poem, often attributed to an anonymous Native American, was actually written by Baltimore housewife Mary Frye in 1932. Mary was moved by the grief of a young Jewish woman staying with them who’s mother fell ill and died in Germany. The woman was unable to attend her mother’s funeral due to rising anti-Semitic sentiment back home and was upset at not being able to visit the grave. The poem later became popular with families of servicemen killed in war, especially when no body is recovered.

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